Together We Were Victorious in 2022

In 2022, we were victorious in several Virginia Beach City Council, School Board Races, and in the Virginia State Senate – 7th District Special Election. The Do the Right Things (DTRT PAC) political action committee was able to bring about meaningful change and help elect leaders who will make an impact.

Political contributions to DTRT PAC played a vital role in delivering some hard-fought wins on election night in most of the hotly contested races. These races were won because of the financial support from donors who believe in fairness, accountability, and for people to do the right thing when it comes to governing.



Where We Made the Biggest Impact:

If you recall, Virginia Beach’s decades old discriminatory at-large voting system was changed this past November to a new ward system after combined efforts from community leaders, a federal lawsuit, and state legislation to have more fair elections.

The recent elections featured candidates campaigning in their home districts versus campaigning city wide and the voters electing directly their representatives.  In the past, some incumbents won the city-wide vote but lost their home districts and still were elected.

However, special interest groups, shadow government, and powerful business elite continue to try exerting their influence by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in many races.


In the District 10 City Council race, Jennifer Rouse was outraised by over $160,000. DTRT PAC provided key political, marketing, analysis, grass-roots, and logistics support to Jennifer’s campaign and was able to match her opponents efforts with a significant 10 point margin win.  

These races were won because of the financial support from donors like you who believe in fairness, accountability, and for people to do the right thing when it comes to governing and work to find solutions that will help better our communities.

Congratulations to Our Winning Candidates:

Virginia Beach City Council:

District 6- Worth Remick

District 9- Joash Schulman

District 10- Jennifer Rouse

Virginia Beach School Board:

District 2- Kim Melnyk

District 4- Staci Martin

Special Election – Senate District 7

Aaron Rouse

DTRT’s efforts helped to change the status quo and helped to usher in new leadership. However, our work is not done. There will be some upcoming races in the next year at the state level and we will need to recruit and support candidates who want to do the right thing in supporting the community. These candidates will need help to counteract the special interest, shadow government, and powerful business groups who want to maintain their influence.

Now is the time to contribute to the DTRT PAC so that we prepare for the battles ahead.

Your financial contribution does make a difference. To contribute online or if need more information visit www.dtrtpac.com/donate/.

Your kind contribution will go a long way.  Thank you for your support.



Rev. Gary McCollum

Dr. James Allen

Dr. Veronica Coleman