DTRT PAC is an organization called to action by citizens and community leaders seeking accountability, transparency, and fairness in local and state government.  DTRT PAC is part of a movement building stronger communities the RIGHT way by investing resources in education, jobs, food, healthcare, housing, and transportation. DTRT PAC supports political candidates who will champion our mission and who are willing to make tough decisions instead of catering to special interests or playing politics. Finally, DTRT PAC seeks change from government bureaucracy and the status quo and instead supports candidates who will DO THE RIGHT THING.  

DTRT PAC will make endorsements, monetary contributions, or provide in-kind strategic support to candidates based on the following criteria:

  • Professional/Community Involvement
  • Accessibility and Willingness to listen, discuss, and find solutions 
  • Position Statements/Voting Record (if any) on issues DTRT champions
  • Candidate Interviews and Questionnaires
  • A track record or demonstrated willingness to sponsor and promote pro-community policies
  • VPAP and Virginia State Board of Elections Candidate Finance Reports
  • Candidate marketing material (includes website, social media, mail, radio)

DTRT will play a significant role in elections and will continue to monitor elected candidates in keeping their campaign promises.

Step Up and Get Involved

Donate to DTRTPAC to advance fairness, accountability, and transparency.  Help to even the playing field and  break up the shadow government of the elite and special interest.