Virginia Senate District 7 Special Election Candidate Survey

What are your top three legislative priorities if you are elected as the State Senator for the 7th District?
After a federal lawsuit in 2020 invalidated Virginia Beach's racially discriminatory election system and a new state statute in 2021 eliminated the at-large voting system for seats with residency requirements, voters in the recent November election were able to directly elect their councilmembers. Mayor Dyer and other Councilmembers seek to change the election system yet again and may seek legislative remedies in the General Assembly, what are your thoughts on this activity, and would you support a change to the current electoral system in Virginia Beach?
Public Safety is always a top priority for any community, however; government always needs to be kept in check. How would you improve public safety and work with communities who call for accountability and trust with police?
Please describe your platform for improving our economy and support for strengthening minority owned businesses as part of the state’s strategy for economic diversification.
Public Education remains one the Commonwealth’s top priorities, how would you help to improve public education and improve the standards of learning with regards to the STEM, Writing and Literacy, and History. Is the current curriculum framework sufficient or does it need improvement or revision?
If you had to vote on something that ran contrary to your political party’s agenda, would you, do it? Please give a scenario that you may face while being elected as the State Senator in the 7th District.
How can the Commonwealth improve on its workforce development initiatives and integrate different segments of the population including re-entry, disabled, elderly, immigrant, and at-risk communities?
How would you make things more affordable for the following: a) Higher Education and College b) Housing c) Transportation d) Energy e) Healthcare
What are your thoughts on gun violence and how would you make the community safer?
How would you interact with your constituents and groups that may differ from your political philosophy?